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Retirement Income Planning

Planning for income in retirement is more complicated than just opening an IRA, 401K, or relying on social security and company pensions.  Planning for clients' income in retirement is a process that begins long before actual retirement.

During our clients' earning years, we encourage clients to take advantage of a complimentary review of their 401K plans and make sure that their asset allocation is a good fit with their overall plan. 

We start the retirement planning process by determining how the client expects to live in retirement.  Do they plan to travel extensively; move or purchase a second home?  Will their expenses in retirement change dramatically?  Are they prepared for the possibility of long term care for themselves and/or their spouse?  Do they want to leave a legacy for their children or an endowment to charity?  Will they take a part-time job?

When the time comes to retire, our team is well versed to work with clients to arrange for consolidation of pension and 401K funds with IRA's and to set up a distribution schedule to meet the clients' expense requirements.  We determine how to replace your paycheck in the most tax efficient way.

Since income obtained from retirement fund distributions is almost always fully taxable, tax planning is of vital importance.  We believe that as tax professionals, we are uniquely qualified to formulate an all encompassing individualized retirement income plan for our financial clients.

Using current assets, expenses, and retirement funds, we formulate a plan to be reviewed with the client.  Adjustments can be made to that plan based on client input.  Portfolios are then rebalanced based on market changes and remodeled based on life changes.

Investment and financial planning services are offered by Stanley B. Warner, III through his affiliation with H.D. Vest Investment Servicessm.